This was such a fun day! We started the day with a walk on the New Orleans River walk and we decided to buy tickets for a battlefield cruise on the Great Mississippi River aboard the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen. It was a 2 and half hour boat trip and I especially liked the way back. The guy asked us if we would like to hear more about  hurricane Katrina, he told the story, so interesting, the guy is really talented and I could have listened to him for hours. Everyone on the boat was quiet and was listening to his story.

After the boat trip it was time for dinner, we ate at Gordon Biersch for the second time since we arrived in New Orleans the day before.

And then it was time for New Orleans night life at Bourbon street. What an experience that was! So many (drunk) people, breakdancers, people making music, cocktails,  people trowing necklaces, vampire tours, homeless people and a lot of cops! We ordered a famous cocktail named the handgranade, a tropical drink, I love it!

Back at the hotel we joint a group of guys that were there for a bachelor party. Mischa was named Michael G-String within minutes. (still don’t know why tho.) I laughed so hard, drunk but so funny!

I would love to go back someday!