This was such a fun day, and unfortunately almost the end of our trip. We enjoyed another beach day at the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, and we tried to some up every ray of sunshine before going home.

We had something fun planned in the afternoon, a baseball game! You can not go to the USA without attending a sports game. It was so much fun and our seats were at a perfect spot in the Tropicana Field Stadium. Unfortunately the Rays lost, but I love watching al the fans screaming and yelling. I hope you will enjoy this video!

Swen about Baseball against Cancer

In Januari 2012 childhood friends Swen Huijer and Joey van Ruth got the news the were chosen to ride the Alpe D’Huez to collect money for cancer research. (Apple D’Huez event: ride up the Alpe D’Huez as many  time as possible in one day by bike, and find your own sponsors) Joey joined to honer his father who had passed away and Swen joined to honor his grandfather who had also passed way. He  also got inspired seeing his nephew Walter survive cancer.

It was quite difficult to raise sponsor money so the two friends decided to organize a baseball event. Swen had played professional baseball for years and he had a wide network of people in the baseball industry. (also in the USA)  Because of his experience and network he was able to host a baseball clinic during spring break in the Netherlands. They named this event: Baseball against Cancer. The childhood friends had set the goal to collect €4000 on that day. But the succes was bigger than that, 200 children joined their clinic! They were so proud to see so many people joined and at the end of the day they had raised €4280, they had reached their goal.

In June of 2012 the friends proudly rode their bikes and climbed the Alpe D’Huez.

In Januari of 2013 Swen and Joey organized another baseball against Cancer event/clinic, not to ride the Alpe D’Huez but to collect money to donate directly to the Dutch Cancer Society. Since 2013 Baseball against cancer is organized every year in may.

In 2015 Swen founded the Baseball against Cancer foundation and in collaboration with Dutch softball international Ginger de Weert he also founded the Softball against Cancer foundation.Both foundations have a similar annual event in May.  Two days a year softball and baseball players fight against cancer by doing what they love most.

Since the start in 2012 both foundations have collected a lot of money by organizing clinics , selling merchandise and receiving donations, they have raised an amount of $100.000 in the fight against cancer! Swen and Ginger have set the goal other countries will join their foundation as well, so they can help even more people in the future!

Go to the website CLICK HERE

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