Henna brow makeover

I always do my own brows, and I find it difficult to let someone else do them. But a good friend of mine owns her own brow and lashes salon in Dordrecht. SASHASTUDIO

I love the brows she makes so I decided to let her do whatever she felt needed to be done. She gave my brows a new shape and colored them with Henna. Watch my video and let me know, what do you like best, the before or after?

Christmas shopping at H&M

It is December and I’m always looking forward to Christmas. I wanted to make some Christmas/NYE fashion video’s for my Youtube channel. You can watch the first video today! I went to H&M and I tried on a lot of different items. More video’s like this are coming soon! What items did you like best? And what store should I visit next? Let me know! I hope you will enjoy watching this video!

Volumize and curl extra long hair

A review and tutorial in one video! I always get so many compliments when I use this tool!

I am talking about the Irresistible Me Moonstone, that works like the Curl Secret but also uses steam to add shine and moisture to your hair

I want to show you how it works and what the end result is like! It does take a long time (1 hour) so I decided to playback to a few of my favorite songs, call me crazy but I was having the best time!

Side note: it takes a long time to make the curls, but you will have curls for days. I did my hair on Monday and I took this picture Wednesday night. I always sleep with a loose bun.

Day 3

Curling with a bottle

Curling with a bottle and a blowdryer, it looks so simple in the viral video’s on Facebook. But is it really that simple? And will the curls actually stay in your hair the entire day? I will test it out so you don’t have to!

And believe me, I struggled making this video, I have tried different technics, different bottles, different settings on my blowdryer and different styling products. It was fast but not easy, and an end result I am not living for!

Did I do something wrong, please let me know if I did! Have you already tried it, did it work on your hair?

This video includes a mini braid tutorial as well!

Summer about hurricane Michael

Summer was living in Charlotte County in Florida in 2004 when hurricane Charley destroyed almost everything.

“In August of 2004, hurricane Charley came through Charlotte County FL where I reside and leveled most of the area. The devastation was unimaginable and for many months our town looked like some kind of war zone. My own home took extensive damage and I lost most of my possessions as did so many others in the community. It took a considerable amount of time to regain any sense of normalcy.”

But unfortunately this was not the only setback for Summer.

“Just a few years later, I lost my home to a fire. It was a total loss, and the only thing left were literally the clothes on my and my children’s backs. Our family has an intimate relationship with loss and I believe there’s a certain sensitivity that comes with knowing what it is to have absolutely nothing.”

“3 years ago my son, Bryton Sanner, joined a small 4-H club called 4 paws and a Tail 4-H of Charlotte County. 4-H is a youth development program with strong roots in agriculture and community service. Our club’s focus is on dogs and while the focus of each club is different, we all have the same pledge; “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service,and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.” This is where the 4 “H”’s comes from; Head, Heart, Hands and Health. A big part of this club is to be proactive and serve the community where we can.”

Just a few weeks ago hurricane Michael made landfall at Panama city beach. (watch my roadtrip video’s to see what Panama city looked like just a month before hurricane Michael.)

The storm surge and waves from Hurricane Michael batter the beachfront homes on October 10, 2018 in the Florida Panhandle community of Shell Point Beach, Florida. The hurricane is forecast to hit the Florida Panhandle at a possible category 4 storm. (Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)

“After the recent devastation of Hurricane Michael in the Florida panhandle, the need for help was clear.”

“I was scheduled for time off of work and was willing to drive supplies to affected areas. I started reaching out to members of 4-H near the affected areas and made contact with 4-H agent Rachel Pienta of Wakulla County 4-H. She communicated the need for school supplies, non perishable food and pet food to distribute to the surrounding communities. With the help of Mala Sawhney, our Club Leader, we did quickly organize a drive within our local 4-H extension office, which is home to all of our Charlotte County 4-H clubs. Unfortunately, Only myself, the Sawhney and Fairchild families were able to donate to the effort and we were running out of time. We had to start reaching out to the greater community as the days started to count down.. We reached out to churches, businesses, friends and family to make this drive as successful as possible. While they had no affiliation with 4-H, dear friends Kevin Correll and Sally Brown donated supplies and their time as they helped network several other donations from their friends, family and co-workers. My son, myself, Kevin and Sally worked to organize donations and box them up for transport. In less than a week, the efforts of just a few people turned a handful of donations into a truckload. When it was time, Kevin and Sally offered the use of their truck and assisted us in driving up boxes of food, medical supplies, school supplies and pet food up to Wakulla County extension office on Saturday, October 27th. We were promptly greeted by volunteers who immediately began unloading the truck and placing the donations on carts to organize for distribution. We were thanked profusely and left feeling like a small ripple of kindess was made in the aftermath of such destruction.”

“Our efforts reminded me a bit of the story about the boy and the starfish, if I may paraphrase; An old man was walking along a beach one day that had become littered with hundreds of starfish, washed up from the high tide. A young boy was patiently picking up starfish and placing them back into the ocean. The old man approached the boy and said, “Do you realize how many starfish there are? There is just one of you, how do you expect to make a difference? The boy replied, while continuing his task and gently picking up a starfish and placing it back into the water; “It sure made a difference to that one!”

“I say this because I was first discouraged at how few donations we received and I wondered if it was worth the effort to press on and keep trying. I remembered that story and knew we had to do as much as we could with what little time and resources we had. Somewhere out there, with our donations; a family is eating, a child is coloring, a person is feeding their dog and cat when yesterday they didn’t have means of doing so. There are people with no power or water that can sanitize their hands before they eat, tend to basic wounds and have tissue to dry their tears. Our donations made a difference to those people.”

Thank you Summer for this beautiful and inspiring story. This is exactly the reason why I want to give people like you a platform here on my website. If we are able to inspire one person to do something good after reading this story, it was totally worth it! You don’t have to do a lot, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Do something small and give someone your time, that is more valuable than all the money in the world. Give someone your time and genuine interest and receive gratitude and love.

Email me if you have any questions for Summer, please use here name as subject so I can forward your mail.


All my road trip video’s are live, I’m so sad that it is really over for this year. I can’t wait until next year September to go back to the USA for new adventures.

I wanted to make a recap of everything that we have seen this year. What locations are beautiful, what is the place to go to for the best food, where are the nicest beaches, what cities did I like and what are cool activities.

I will answers every question in just 4 minutes!

Do you have suggestions for next year? Please let me know!


This was our last day in the USA and I felt sad to leave. We drove around and looked at the most gorgeous Florida houses, we went to the mall and ate some Chick-fil-a. (so yummy)

We had a long plane ride back to the Netherlands and we had a layover at Frankfurt Germany. We had to get out of the plane and walk to a bus, I had never experienced that on previous flights.

There will be one more road trip video on wednesday, that video will show all the places and activities that I highly recommend. Enjoy this video!