Marjon about working in Bahrein

I have always enjoyed working with younger children. So after I graduated SPW from the Deltion College te Zwolle, I decided that I didn’t want work in a Day care centre right away.”

Marjon wanted adventure before she started a new job in the Netherlands. “I was 21 and I wanted to travel. As child I always said that I would travel to the USA some day. And I did! I decided to work as an aupair, I worked with an Aupair organisation in America.”

They organisation will help you to connect with family’s and they will stand by you throughout the proces.

“I had a few calls with different families, it was a very hard choice to make. But finally i decided to go to Virginia to work for a familie with an 8 year old girl. My english was basic at that point, and I needed to improve my English to grow as an aupair. I had a great year with them. I made many new friends, mostly europeans who are in the same program as me. (I still speak to a lot of them, even after all those years.) I decided to do one more year in the USA with another Familie in Connecticut , don’t get me wrong, I loved my familie in Virginia, but I wanted more experience. So I worked for a familie with 3 boys, a 4 year old, a 6 year old and an 8 year old boy. all where great kids, I learned a lot that year. Met new people but I was not as close to them as I was in Virginia.”

Marjon returned to the Netherlands to work as an aupair and started a job as waitress. She enjoyed herself a lot working as a waitress, but the family she worked with was not a good match so it was time for a new adventure!

“I came across an article from Gortz and Crown, a nanny company. I came in contact with the owner and she invited me over for an interview. And I was accepted to the program. I had to follow a course, 2 days a week from 7 till 10 at night in Leiden the Netherlands. By the time I started this course I lived back with my parents again. I had to travel a lot and the costs were high. I worked 2 jobs to be able to pay the train, bus and taxi. it was a long few months but i did it!! I was a proud Gortz and Crown nanny!”

Marjon started to look for a family that was in need of a nanny. The Gortz and Crown organization gave her the contact information to a family in Bahrain. Dutch Mom 7 months pregnant, an English dad and 3 other kids, 4,3,2 years old.

“It was a nice Familie and an interesting environment. The middle east is so different from what I am used too. People are layback relaxt, things don’t get done as we are used to. I will give you an example; when you bring your car to the Europe they tell u: come tomorrow at 12 and it’s done. In bahrain they will tell u inshallah/tomorrow, and when u come to pick your car up the next day, nothing has happend. They will tell you again, inshallah/tomorrow, but it will not be ready the next day, it will take a week or so. I did lose my temper and shouted, and it was done the next day because that dutch lady was very angry LOL.”

“I called my mom a few times when I just started working in Bahrein, hearing myself say “I am not staying longer then a year!” Today I have been in Bahrain for 9 years. I have build friendships, I have a Bahraini boyfriend and I work for an Arabic Family now for almost 6 years. A lot off people have criticized me why I wanted to live in the Middle East where the terrorist are! There are no Terrorist where I live, Arabic people are friendly and nice.They do have a different lifestyle than us. They have a lot of nannies and maids, also drivers and gardeners. I do life with an VIP family but they are down to earth. Arabic weddings i haven’t been in, but i do have seen them dressing up! I can tell u they go out as Princesses! Woman and men are separated. I did take part in an engagement, all ladies where dressed up fancy, I felt underdressed.

Life in Bahrein is a lot cheaper as it is in Holland so Marjon can do a lot more then what she could do in the Netherlands. “In holland I never took pedicures, manicures or massages. In Bahrain they are cheap, so I do it all the time. Middle eastern ladies like make up, I came to Bahrain with a mascara and 1 eye pencil. Now i have way more than that, so much that I don’t know where to put it. I don’t do my make-up like the arabic ladies do, they use a lot of products and I don’t want to do that to my skin. Their hair is always perfect.

Marjon loves living in Bahrein and could have never expected that she would call Bahrein “home” someday.

Marjon Norder

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