Dianne van Wissen about Gambia

Dianne van Wissen started Muzikale Vrienden after a holiday in West-Afrika. Muzikale Vrienden (Musical Friends) is an organization that helps people in Gambia that are in need of scholing or special care.

It all started for Dianne 11 years ago. “I booked a trip to west-Africa in 2007. I came in contact with a social worker, he showed me things a normal tourist would never see. After my trip I decided to return to Gambia for a week to see what kind of work he did from day to day. I especially wantend to see the hinterland, you truly feel like you are going back in time. No running water, no power, no gardens to grow vegetables in, not even good school materials. ”

Dianne couldn’t let go of the idea that she wanted to do more, and started an organization to help the residents. “We did a lot in the past 11 years. We made a lot of things possible like a banana garden, a school kitchen, water taps, a first aid post and a lot of other projects!”

The signing of a new project, with fingerprints because a lot of people can’t read or write:

These pictures truly show what we have done for the residents so far, this is the before and after of a school:

This is the ceremony for the new water tab:

Linda: “I find this story so inspiring and let me tell you a little secret (not so secret) Dianne is my aunt, and I will go to Gambia with her…someday…”

Do you have questions for Dianne? Email me and I will forward your mail, pleas put “Gambia” or “Dianne” in the subject, thanks!Do you want to donate, or read more (in Dutch) go to the website:



Stichting Muzikale Vrienden van Gambia in Monster, the Netherlands

NL11 RABO 0101 8642 13

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