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http://webtechstock.com I’m Linda Harmsen, born in Amsterdam on the 12th of May 1984. I am a hairstylist based in Poortugaal The Netherlands and I have a great passion for hair. A specially braids, updo’s, long hair styling and highlighting. Besides that I’m a big make-up lover, and I always want to try new things!

here This website is a place with everything that I love. It’s hard for me to categorize LindaHarmsen.com, it is about lifestyle, hair tutorials, beauty products, traveling and so much more!

http://nonprofitrockstartour.com Me and my husband love to take road trips, watch our USA 2018 road trip video’s by clicking on “USA roadtrip” in the menu.

source link I love to share other peoples stories as well, open menu and click on “Inspiration” on this website. I love it when people do things to help other people , and I love giving them a platform to share their story and inspire other people to help as well.

http://whitenile.biz Do you want to tell your story, and do you want me to share it? Send me an email!

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